12 April 2008

Musings on Urban Living in Los Angeles, Pt. 4

1. Seeing that Mexicans turned the hilarious road sign that depicts an immigrant family running across a highway into a bumper sticker = awesome.

2. Watching movies - more than one even - on the side of a high rise apartment building on a random Thursday night = awesome.

3. Finding out that not only do people in Chinatown care about politics, but they are supporting my candidate = awesome.

4. The view from Disney Hall of downtown LA = awesome.

5. Disney Hall = awesome. (Say what you want about Frank Gehry, but there's something really spectacular about consistent design excellence in a single building, so thoroughly applied that even the coffee bar looks like a million bucks)

6. The lack of bus stops in this city = not awesome. On sunny warm days like today, it's unfortunate to see scenes like this, where everyone needs to take shelter from the sun under a building's canopy because the bus stop is simply a sign on a post. Surely we can do better than this?


Donna said...

You said on TC you don't know who really reads your blog - well I do, even though I don't comment every time I read!

I think that Chinatown building might be the one that was featured in Dwell awhile ago, link here: http://www.dwell.com/homes/renovations/6328352.html

myriam said...

I LOVE that Mexican bumper sticker!! I should get that for my (fake)brother-in-law, he'd love it.

Is that coffee bar made of stacks of laminated glass?!

Also, I read every single post, I just don't always comment. One thing I've noticed Em from having my own blog experience (not archinect) is that people tend to get psyched and comment/read more if you respond to their comments. I used to not respond to mine thinking that people had heard enough of me and might have gotten tired of it but then I found that the opposite was true. So if you're hesitating, go for it! Nothing makes people want to read a blog more than knowing they are noticed when they do.