17 May 2008

Computer Limbo

So let me elaborate a little on the sad event that I mentioned in my last post, re: computer accident.  I was in the midst of my very last project, which was a doozy, and I was getting ready to go into school for a meeting I had to attend.  I was packing up my stuff when my computer slipped out of my "nice" computer bag, and took a small tumble to the floor.  This is not the first time this has happened, and I was especially not concerned this time because the computer had its new pretty pink plastic case on.  But when I opened it up to check on it, the screen was totally busted.  There was no apparent physical damage, but there was nothing on the screen, except for some really crazy looking pixels.

I don't know how to describe what I felt next.  I skipped that "sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach" feeling and went straight to the "indignant annoyance" phase, after which I quickly went into panic mode.  Basically as I sat there looking at my blank and obviously distressed computer screen, I said to myself, "are you kidding me? I mean, seriously?  NOW?"  Lucky for me (EXTREMELY lucky....I cannot stress how lucky this was), I have an external monitor and was able to boot up with it on and see that nothing had happened to my hard drive and that everything was still there.  And all of my work was backed up anyway, but still....I had a busted screen.

Long story short, after finishing my last major project on my external monitor and new USB keyboard, I had to take my "WonderMac" in for repair.  It's now in the shop and in good hands, but I'm a little lost without it.  I'm writing this from my (very continuously generous) roommate's computer, and as soon as I get my own back, I'm going to launch a NEW blog, which I'm very excited about.  So stay tuned and enjoy my limbo....I'm going to go watch some movies!

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liz said...

oh my god, emily without a computer? i think my blood pressure just shot through the roof. i can't even imagine this state of affairs!!! maybe you can take up knitting...?