23 May 2008

New Blog!

This idea has been stewing in my head for a long time and now that school is out, I decided to take the plunge. Yesterday I launched a new blog, called Living In Los Angeles Without A Car (LILAWAC for short), which is, uh, what I do currently. I would like for this blog to be a resource for anyone in the Los Angeles region who is interested in alternative forms of transportation, since the cost of owning and fueling a car certainly isn't going down anytime soon. I will be speaking from experience, obviously, but I am also looking for contributors to share posting duties, probably once a week or so. If you know anyone else who lives in Los Angeles who doesn't own a car, or is bike- or bus- or train-friendly (and savvy), please pass this on. Also if you are interested in contributing yourself, I would certainly appreciate your help, so let me know! Thanks :o)

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