17 June 2008


As a follow-up to my recent post about the airline industry's woes, I am delighted to tell you about a new way of flying that finally makes sense. It's called Derrie-Air, and the pricing structure is quite simple: the more you weigh, the more you pay. New routes don't charge a flat fee, they charge per pound. Based in Philadelphia, you can fly to LAX for $2.25 a pound, to Denver for $1.90 a pound, or to Chicago for as little as $1.40 a pound. And if that weren't sensible enough, they are completely carbon neutral! According to their web site, "Derrie-Air will be the only airline that plants trees to offset every pound of carbon that our planes release into the atmosphere." Absolutely stunning! Sign me up!

*Unfortunately, Derrie-Air is not real. It's a product of a marketing stunt. But is it just me, or does this sound really sensible? I mean, I would end up paying more than some but reducing weight - on both planes and people - doesn't sound like a bad idea at all. I'm just saying.

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