04 June 2008

Don't Fly American Airlines.

This is so disgusting, I had to share it. American Airlines recently forced a passenger to ride in a urine-soaked seat. I've never been a fan of American, can't quite pin-point why but I've taken a lot of planes in my life and not one of them has been an American flight. But this takes the cake! Like one of the commenters on the post said, "Either deal with it and sit in urine for two hours, or risk a tantrum and playing musical chairs with the following flights? Yeah, that's a tough choice. I might have picked the seat like [your passenger]." So do yourself a favor, save the $15 bag fee and don't fly American! (Sounds ironic when you put it that way....)

Update, June 11, 2008: According to MSNBC, United is the worst airline ever. I don't know....I haven't heard of anyone on a United Plane sitting in pee lately. But it's possible. I'd avoid both, just to be safe.

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gretchen said...

I still blame the passenger for this one. No way in HELL I would have sat down or missed the flight. She needed to be more vocal.