10 June 2008

Dwell on Design, and why my Google Reader is driving me bonkers

Since school let out for the summer, I've been indulging in one of my favorite activities, which is catching up on current events. Give me access to my favorite news sites and a few blogs to look at and I could stay busy all day, staring at the computer screen. This is one of the reasons I don't partake in fiction as often as I'd like.....most of my daily reading time is spent on politics, economics, or other aspects of real life that usually are, as they say, stranger than fiction.

Lately I've been on a tear adding blogs to my Google Reader, which is my version of a consolidated RSS feed that I'm sure many of you use to keep updated on sites that you like. I think I've got over 25 blogs on there at this point. Sure, 2 of them are mine, and a few belong to friends, but that still leaves nearly 20 blogs that I get updates from every day. I am mentioning all of this because I've been meaning to tell you about the Dwell on Design Conference I went to at the LA Convention Center this past weekend. I took pictures, grabbed some literature and generally scoped out the whole thing. I've been meaning to tell you about it but....I've been too enraptured by my Google Reader, and well, I just got distracted. Now, without further ado, here are my highlights from this year's Dwell on Design Conference.
  • Marmol Radziner Prefab. This pick is appropriate not only because Dwell is strong proponent of prefab housing but also, Marmol Radziner has a blog, and yes, they are on my Google Reader!
  • Mythic Paint is a 100% non-toxic, ultra low-odor paint with no VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Or as they say, safe for people, pets, and the earth!
  • EcoSmart Fire places burn on denatured ethanol and require no flue or hard connection. And they look cool (see below).

  • Noritz tankless water heaters heat water through a heat exchanger and don't require a tank of any kind. They save space and only use the amount of energy required to heat the amount of hot water you require at that time, rather than heating and reheating an entire tank of water every time you need hot water. They therefore use less energy overall, and as a bonus, they have longer lifespans and recyclable parts.
  • Claudia Endler's jewelry designs aren't earth-shattering but they are clean, simple, and reliably modern, and definitely more my style than a lot of mainstream jewelry designs. This ring is typical of her offerings:

image courtesy of claudiaendlerdesigns.com

And here is the strictly pictoral portion of the post:

Look! A solar-powered outdoor shower. Surrounded by panels of pressed vegetation. Super cool!

Sweet, it's like a giant IKEA-style fun house for your backyard! (No idea who makes this)

Who doesn't like yurts?

And now for the ooh and aah portion of the conference....this is a Tesla, the much-talked-about electric sports car that you can own for a cool $90,000 and after waiting years on a waiting list. Despite the hurdles to its release, it is awfully cool. The awning above it is made of solar panels that charge the car, which makes this entire system completely off the grid - and of course, this means no carbon emissions. Yay for progress!

Anyway, there was a lot more but hopefully you get the picture. Lots of good and green design. I'm going to go read this post on my Google Reader now :o)

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mythic paint = for sale at park+vine