24 June 2008

Florida, Florida, Florida

I'm watching Recount right now on HBO (free for 3 months, woo hoo) and it's bringing back some really awful memories. I was actually in Spain during the election in 2000, and I remember calling home to find out what was happening since all the papers were in Spanish and I couldn't read what they said. I was incredibly confused when I found out that there wasn't a president yet, and when I arrived home 4 weeks later, we still didn't have one. That said, this movie is frightening. Then Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris was such a moron. The only bigger moron that I can think of is George W. Bush. And here we are, almost 8 years later, when everything is spinning out of control, and all I can think of is.....Florida, Florida, Florida. Like Tim Russert said, it all hinged on Florida. And maybe if some people down there hadn't been such morons, or if they had done their jobs, maybe, just maybe, we wouldn't have lost over 4100 soldiers in a needless war....we wouldn't be in the middle of a global climate crisis....we would have a justice department that we can trust....we wouldn't have lost the respect of every major ally country on the planet.

I'm so ashamed of the people who did this. I didn't even do anything wrong and I'm ashamed. Can we get an interview with Katherine Harris now? No, forget that, once a moron, always a moron. Can we just have a do-over? Start over from like, January 2000 and go again? Maybe it would look like this:

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