16 June 2008

I won a big check! On a big boat!

In the interest of academic news, and since my journey through graduate school at USC is one of the reasons I started this blog, I might as well update you on one big thing that I've done for which I was recognized over the weekend. Last Saturday night, at the Lumen West Annual Awards Banquet on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, I won the Saul Goldin Memorial Scholarship competition for student lighting design. The total winnings were $10,000, and as the first place winner, I got $5000! And they gave me a huge check to boot. Here is my winning entry board - a small explanation of the lighting design follows.

The program was to design the lighting of a "hip" sushi restaurant. My roommate, Gretchen, helped me with the name of the restaurant, "Miso Pretty", LOL. Since it was a sushi restaurant, I thought that the lighting should be crisp and white so that the food would be displayed in the best possible light. I went backwards from there, thinking about the nature of white light, and how it's made up of red, green and blue light. I used that to separate the restaurant into three "zones", the front/blue room being for private parties or additional dining area, the middle/red zone being the bar area, and the back/green zone being the sushi bar and primary seating area. The banquet along the back wall uses strip LED lights that can be all white, just like a fluorescent tube, or that can change colors to tie the spaces together or create a particular mood. The entire lighting scheme is meant to be flexible, changeable, and energy-efficient. And fun!

Here is a picture of me with the big check:

Plans for the gigantic check include endorsing it with a gigantic pen, stuffing it in my gigantic purse, and depositing it in a gigantic ATM.

Here are some pictures of the Queen Mary, which I didn't even realize was docked in Long Beach until this weekend. This thing is like the Titanic! Except, not at the bottom of the North Atlantic.

I told you it looked like the Titanic.

Here's a shot of the banquet hall with some people in costume. Everyone there was a participant in the lighting design industry in some way, and the theme for the costumes was "+/- 3000 degrees K" which is the color temperature of white light. (Newsflash, designers are dorky! And I love it)

The band that played before and after the awards ceremony was called Magical Mystery Tour, and as you might notice, they were a Beatles impersonation band, with wigs, fake facial hair, and funny costumes. They sounded pretty good too.

Gretchen inexplicably got drafted into photography service by the head honcho of the awards banquet shortly after I won my award. Her knees hurt for a while after, but at least she looked great in that vintage dress!

Shortly after I took this picture, I walked forward several meters and attempted the "king of the world" pose on the bow of the boat. Too hard to do in heels, though.

So, big weekend here! I hope everyone gets to enjoy a big check sometime in their lives. It's big fun. :o)


liz said...

awww, yay! as a total non-artistic person i am constantly amazed by your creative abilities. i don't even really know what thinking about the nature of white light even means but i am very impressed that you do and i think you should win lots of money for that! :)

Anonymous said...
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myriam said...

sweet, the lighting concept sounds really cool. congrats!!!