25 June 2008


This is of very little consequence in the grand scheme of things, but as long as you're stopping by, I need to tell you about these things I've been eating lately called "pluots" or "plumcots". As you might expect from their name, they are 1/2 plum, 1/2 apricot - and 100% tasty. Perhaps some of you know of this fruit hybrid already, but if you don't, I have to say.....they are delicious! I've been getting them from the Farmer's Market on Wednesday mornings and although I walk away with a bag full meant for coworkers, I usually end up keeping half of them for myself because I can't stop eating them. It's nice to know that something good for you can actually taste good too.

image courtesy of seasonalchef.com

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liz said...

yay for posting about food! and i agree, pluots are yummy!