29 July 2008


I was trying to decide what to write about today, and then we had that little earthquake about 40 minutes ago, and I thought, "well why not!"

The first earthquake I ever experienced was a 2.6 in New York in the Fall of 2001. It felt like someone had thrown a large appliance off the top of our apartment building. It was already a rough year for NYC and when we had that earthquake, it was kind of like, 'really? Earthquakes too? Anything else, God?'

Of course I moved to LA last summer so I wasn't around to experience the Great Midwest Earthquake of 2008.

So the 5.8 earthquake today was my first Southern California earthquake, it seems. At first I thought someone was wheeling something heavy down the hall, and then my coworker darted out the door, and I was like, 'oh earthquake, OK.' Having never done this before, I jumped up and yelled, "What do I do?" HA. We evacuated the building with our emergency kits and now we're all back at work. Well, I'm getting back to work now.

Yay building codes! ;o)

Update, 8:12 pm: I had to post this hilarious picture from CurbedLA. The earthquake really wasn't that bad but that doesn't stop the media from talking about it.


namhenderson said...

Congrats for surviving your first one..

bgfa said...

Funny, my first earthquake was a 4.0 in Manhattan in 1985. I thought the building was falling down.

Being in CA almost 20 years this was a strong one, but not the worst.

Donna said...

That photograph is hilarious!!

myriam said...

ha ha ha, that's a hilarious picture!

also, re what to do : stand in the doorway, or get outside (depending on whether your area has overhead power lines or not). usually just stand in the doorway. ;-) (they technically tell you not to try to get outside but in my view it depends on how close you are to the exterior, etc.)

there's also this awkward under-the-desk pose they make you practice over and over again as children. basically involves crouching under a desk and "securing" yourself with one hand gripping the desk leg and the other arm bent over your head to protect it. pretty silly! they make you practice it in the classroom. i guess it IS about the only thing you could do with a bunch of schoolkids during a quake...

congrats on your initiation! you're a native now! :)

myriam said...

uhhh I just realized this is from JULY. How did I screw up? Sorry, I thought this was current... d'oh!

:) it's the ditzy californian in me...