04 July 2008

Declaring my independence

We've just passed the one year anniversary of the launching of the wonderSphere, so I thought it might be a good time to sort of reiterate what the heck I'm doing and why, and perhaps give a little more direction to the blog itself. Let's review....this time last year, I:
  • Quit my job working as a project manager at an architecture firm
  • Sold my car
  • Bought a bike
  • Packed up everything I owned in a truck and moved to Los Angeles
  • Started grad school at USC
I started this blog for anyone and everyone who was interested in my progress, and I've also used it to talk about things I am passionate about. But the reason that I do this, and really the reason I went back to grad school, is because ultimately I am passionate about trying to use my God-given gifts to make the world a better place. Yeah, I know.....it's such a cliche. But it's true. A few days ago I checked the stats for this blog and I saw that I was getting an average of nearly 70 views a day.....that really amazed me, not only because I didn't imagine that that many people could think I was interesting, but also because that meant that I had the chance to tell up to 70 people a day something new, or interesting, or something that could help them live a healthy, more efficient, more earth-friendly life. So ultimately what this journey is about for me is trying to figure out how to become independent from all of the unnecessary hardships that our consumer society has brought upon itself - like a great experiment. And in turn, I share my experiences with others in the hopes that someone will be inspired to do something extra to help change their world for the better.

It's along the same lines of what I am trying to accomplish in my graduate thesis. I've mentioned it a few times on here but never elaborated too much....essentially with my thesis, I'm focusing on residential architecture, because I think homeowners have the potential to make a huge impact in the fight against global warming. But as much as we need to reduce global warming, I think we also need to prepare for it. So with my thesis, I'm going to see if there's a way to effectively communicate with the American homeowner about how they can change their home to make it more energy efficient in the simplest and most cost-effective way possible. It's a huge task, or as my thesis advisor likes to say, it's a "big bite." I know this, but as you might be able to tell from my other blog, Living in Los Angeles Without A Car, I am not one to shy away from a challenge.

In the weeks and months ahead, I've decided to intersperse academic and personal updates with helpful hints about how to live a more environmentally sensitive life. I know this is the "popular thing" to do right now, but if you 70 people a day don't mind reading about my adventures horseback riding, then I figure you won't mind extra posts about changing your lightbulbs and what not :o)

Happy Independence Day, folks, and here's a fun fact: only 200 days left in the bizarre, unfortunate, and sad chapter of the country's history known as the Presidency of George W. Bush. Here's to hoping we change the country for the better in our quest to save the Earth!

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