15 July 2008

An Elusive Goal

I just got back from Hawaii. When I arrived there for the first time in March, I saw rainbows - in the sky, on their license plates, on the sides of buildings. In fact, it is one of their state symbols. So I decided that I would get a t-shirt from Hawaii with a rainbow on the front.

This proved to be a most daunting task. All I wanted was a t-shirt, with a rainbow on the front, that said "Hawaii". On my trip in March, I searched each day, and asked many friends and shop keepers if they had such an item. No one knew where to find this. I found this quite strange being that the rainbow is their state symbol. When I went back to Honolulu on the 4th of July, I was even more determined. Each time I passed a shop I looked through stacks of t-shirts, and came up empty. I even went to a vintage shop, and couldn't find anything. The best I could do was this unfortunate looking item.....it's not even a full rainbow, and besides that, it's ugly.

As it turns out, I had to go all the way to Maui to find a t-shirt that fit the description. On the second-last day of my trip, I found this lovely item.....it doesn't say "Hawaii" on it, but it does refer to Paia, Maui, which was my favorite little town on the island and the place where I found the shirt.

So, thanks to Paia, for actually getting it. And here are some more photos from Maui, where we explored the northeastern coastline and biked down the dormant volcano, Haleakala. It was awesome!

The world's largest banyan tree in Lahaina, Maui

Eastern Maui from the West side

On the road to Hana

Looking into the crater of Haleakala

Looking back on Maui from the road up Haleakala


liz said...

pretty pictures! it looks like you had an awesome time. i can't wait to see you and hear stories. my sister is actually going to be in town too the weekend you are here so she may be tagging along when we hang out. are you still thinking brunch?

Scott said...

Yay Hawaii! You did Haleakala too! That was really fun. Did you go see the sunrise as well or just the bike trip? We did the sunrise one and MAN was it cold!! Not only Hawaii cold, but mainland cold too.

And you did the road to Hana! Did you get the Survior: Road to Hana shirt? Annette and I both have one. I should show you. It was in a few shop in the little town there.

Glad you had fun! Talk later.

Donna said...

I've never found a "Gettin' lucky in Kentucky" shirt in Kentucky, either - only in Naptown.

The flickr pics are beautiful and YOU look so happy, RELAXED, and wonder-ful. So glad you had fun.