26 August 2008

Apparently I'm an "enviromaniac"

I listen to Marketplace on NPR religiously, and yesterday's show had a segment that I loved. Kai Ryssdal (whom I heart) started off the segment by mentioning that some people identify themselves as "red" for Republicans and "blue" for Democrats, but how there might be a new color in the political spectrum - green. "That's me!" I thought. They went on to talk about offices in which people are designated the "green cop," and although I have not yet achieved badge status in my part-time job or studio, I am a fervent recycler and constantly encourage people to use public transportation or bikes.

So if anyone wants to refer to me as an "enviromaniac", I'm fine with this. Just for the record.

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liz said...

dear enviromaniac,

you can find a link to my guacamole recipe here: http://getinmahbelly.blogspot.com/2008/01/chimichurri-visitors-cooking-and-honey.html