19 August 2008

EnviroHint #3a: Reduce.....

The last time I blogged about a clothing salvage project, the Los Angeles Times copied off me a few months later. (Incidentally my version was for those ladies who prefer to have their whole bottom covered, not just half.) Undaunted, I present to you another constructive way to keep a favorite item of clothing in your life by repurposing it and giving it a new use. This will be Part One in a ?-part series ... I've just started and I don't quite know how long this will take, or when I'll be done!

So I have this Threadless t-shirt that my old roommate gave me a couple of years ago. I absolutely love the graphic on the front ... the big "ball" of city plus the tree on top. However, I've never been able to wear it comfortably, mainly because of what goes underneath the graphic when I try to wear it. So I decided to save it.

I knew I wanted to keep the graphic, but what to do with it? First, let's cut it out.

I use that pink marker because it's easy to see on anything and it's got 3 different tips.

I decided at this point that I would put it on the side of a satchel that I made. My roommate suggested maybe putting it on the back of a hoodie, but I'm not all about spending money lately and I didn't have a hoodie that I wanted to violate like that. So I rummaged through my cache of fabric spares and found not one, but two fabrics that I wanted to use. I will make a reversible satchel! How exciting! Below are the beginnings of the panels that I started to cut out.

It should be said that somewhere in between that last picture and this one I realized that I didn't really know what I was doing and that this might take a while. It's OK - I mean, I know how to measure and how to sew, how hard could it be, right? Putting it together will be the easy part, but getting it to be really reversible will be tricky. I think have all the pieces cut out though, including a pocket and the over-the-shoulder-sized handle (below).

Stay tuned for what happens when I try to put the whole thing together!

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