25 August 2008

EnviroHint #3b: ...Reuse...

Last week when I started this project, I began by cutting out the pieces that I thought I was going to use, in the corresponding sizes, and then I started to pin things together. I (wisely) walked away for a few days, thought about it, and did some Google searches for inspiration. When I came back to the bag, I decided how I wanted to do things, and the construction will be fairly straightforward. Not necessarily easy, but straightforward at least.

So this is a picture of the panel of the bag with the graphic from the t-shirt sewn onto the side. This is the whole point of the project so I went ahead and got that out of the way. Next to it is the strap, which I folded, ironed, pinned, and then sewed on each edge. I will come back to this later.

This is a photo of the reverse side of the bag with a big pocket that I made. I'm a fan of pockets and I couldn't imagine making a bag for myself without one, so I did. I attached it to the patterned fabric because it is more sturdy than the green corduroy ... all told, both fabrics are quite heavy and this won't be the lightest bag in the world, but it will be one-of-a-kind. This photo also shows the attachment of the fabric together at the top this is the only edge of the panels that will be exposed.

It's difficult to explain how I'm putting the whole thing together, so I'll include photos in the final post after I finish it, but the final step will involve sandwiching the edges of the panels between the two fabrics on the strap and then sewing the whole thing together. This will be the hardest part of the whole bag and I'm a little leary of how skinny it is so I haven't started yet but soon enough! I always finish what I start :o)

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