08 August 2008

An excuse to post on 08-08-08

The Olympics began today in Beijing at 8:08:08 pm on the eighth day of the eighth month in the year 2008. The Chinese believe - as I do - that the number 8 is lucky, in part because "their names sound similar to words that have positive meanings" in Chinese. So ,while I love that the Chinese really embraced their "eight-ness", if you will, what I find ironic is that according to the Chinese calendar it may actually be the year 4705. No eights there!

Read about the number 8 here, and have a look at why everyone is getting married today here. (Many years ago, probably 8 even, I decided that I might like to get married on this day. It's good to have goals but I guess I didn't try hard enough, LOL)

More on 8s from the NY Times.

And finally, today is exactly 2 months before another "lucky" event...my birthday! :o)

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