18 August 2008

FYI: the wonderSphere is not interested in your anonymity.

Call me exceedingly irritable lately - it would be the truth - but I've recently instituted a policy of only publishing comments on my posts from people who identify themselves, either by their Blogger ID or in the comment. I realize that some people are afraid to provide any link to themselves on the internet, but the truth is that a Blogger ID hardly gives me any information about you; it doesn't even allow me to email you. And if you don't have a Blogger ID but I know you, then you won't be afraid to tell me who you are by signing the comment. I apply the same philosophy in Facebook ... I won't add or engage you if I don't know you. Basically I think that if I'm putting myself out there with my posts every week, people who respond can at least have the courtesy to identify themselves.

We can now return to our regularly scheduled programming....

1 comment:

liz said...

i just saw this. you are so right. i have been getting a lot of annoying anonymous posts lately ever since we were in the paper (did i tell you about that? http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20090224/LIFE/902240338/-1/life14)

anyway it is so annoying b/c people can be so bitchy when they are anonymous. if you have something negative to say, fine, but at least say who you are.