12 August 2008

On Hypocrites

I had several things that I wanted to talk about on the blog today, not the least of which was another "EnviroHint," but actually I think I need to get this out of my system first.

I can't quite figure out why men in high-profile politics think it's OK to have extra-marital affairs in this day and age. Maybe it's because it used to be so easy for their predecessors (Thomas Jefferson? FDR? JFK?). Maybe it's because everybody was doing it (Newt Gingrich was doing it while he was trying to get Clinton impeached for doing it). But it's really just the men, isn't it? And it's not limited to one group of men geographically or a certain age group...but it really does seem that the higher the podium they put themselves on, the farther they fall.

I was shocked when Eliot Spitzer admitted to hiring a prostitute. Mainly because the guy was so righteous in his political life, you'd think he was a living, breathing moral compass. Not so. And now there's John Edwards. Talk about disappointing. Here's a guy that I thought was so noble, and such a family man....and he depicted himself as such, and his wife supported this image as well. And I could not be more disgusted with this guy. And for me, and for many others I imagine, it's not because we care who they had sex with or whatever...it's just that they weren't honest about it. They were hypocrites. Looking back on the long line of American philanderers in politics, I can't imagine a bigger hypocrite than John Edwards (except for maybe Gingrich). At least Bill Clinton didn't tour the country, while running for president, and talk about a lack of morality in our society. And Edwards had the gall to emphasize, in his interview on ABC, that his wife was in remission. How tacky!

I thought about trying to post a list of men here who had affairs while in office or running for office, but I decided that I don't care. Because when it comes down to it, I don't care who you sleep with, but if you have such poor judgment in the first place, and you continue that poor judgment by trying to cover it up (when everybody knows you can't anymore), you don't deserve my vote, or anyone else's for that matter.


myriam said...

I'm pretty bummed by it all, too.

I learned via Wait Wait Don't Tell Me that when Spitzer stepped down, and the Lieutenant Governor (blanking on his name) was sworn in, he and his wife carefully made sure ahead of time that they admitted to both having had an extra-marital affair in the past during a 'rough time' in their marriage and that they had worked it out long ago and moved on, but they wanted everyone to know about it before they stepped up into the Governor's mansion.

While I'm glad they were up front about it, it still made me sad. Does anyone NOT cheat on their spouses?!

myriam said...

whoops, I'm sorry, that was multiple extra-marital affairs for both of them. Yeesh.

TheRubb said...

I don't have a spouse just so I won't cheat on them.