21 September 2008

EnviroHint #3c: ...Recycle?

Well, you can't say I didn't try. My previously mentioned attempts at upcycling one of my favorite t-shirts into a reversible bag have fallen a bit short. Although the photo below makes it LOOK like I finished the bag, the reality is, I can't quite figure out how to finish sewing the sides, and with school going full blast, I don't have time to try. So, I'll finish it eventually.

The good news is, I get to use this opportunity to introduce you to the concept of upcycling. Upcycling basically means that you take something old and instead of recycling it the traditional way, you actually make it better in its second life. There are very few materials that can be upcycled on a mass scale; one example might be tires, which can be ground up and used in rubber flooring for playgrounds or athletic facilities. (Of course, that's if you agree that flooring is a better product than tires for cars ... but I digress).

One quick note before I go ... have a look at my Archinect blog for photos from the Park[ing] Day event I helped organize this past Friday at USC. Fun times!

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mad architect said...

It's not finished? Looks good to me. Not that I'm a seamtress/ster or anything but it seems as if you may be able to sew it if you turn the bag inside out, then again from the outside...humble thoughts outloud. Again amazing reuse...upcycle.