24 September 2008

Ranking the 50 most sustainable cities in the U.S.

This has been getting a lot of play in my online circles recently so I thought I would share it with anyone paying attention here.

A group called Sustainlane, the "people powered sustainability guide" has recently ranked the 50 most sustainable cities in the US.

....And the winner is.....

ding ding ding, Portland, Oregon. Big surprise! I like this quote: "If you live in Portland, you might want to think twice before complaining about the 40-plus inches of rain dumped on your head every year. It might be the only thing keeping the entire country from moving to your city by the Prius-load."

The cities were ranked by a number of factors that contribute to urban sustainability including air quality, innovation, commuting, local food and agriculture and more. It's disappointing but I guess not surprising to me that my old neighborhood (Cincinnati) doesn't even show up on the list, and my new 'hood (Los Angeles) is ranked 28th. It's nice to see that all my friends are living in sustainable places though (Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, New York). It's tough trying to lead a sustainable life in a less-sustainable place. But I think I deserve an A for effort!

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Katze said...

yea, my city won! Don't let the rain scare you away. We only say that to keep everyone away. JK!