25 November 2008

I'm sorry I'm so boring.

I really haven't been doing much lately that merits a blog post. The things I have had to say have all related to school, which is why I put them on my school blog over at Archinect. You might find that interesting. Otherwise, it's just been me, here, at my computer, working on my web site for thesis, and freaking out about all the jobs lost in the architecture world and beyond in the past couple of weeks. Has anyone you know lost a job recently because of the economic downturn? By all means, let me know, I like to maintain a healthy level of anxiety, it keeps me motivated.

And I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! We'll be making turkey and all the fixings here in my apartment, despite partial nausea induced from watching the Governor of Alaska give an interview in front of a turkey being slaughtered. Blech. Anyway.

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