12 November 2008

July 4, 2009?

Look at what they were handing out on campus today....it looks and feels like a real, albeit very short, New York Times. A classmate brought this into studio a little bit ago, apparently he got it from some random people on campus (near Tommy Trojan!). Basically it's supposed to be from July 4, 2009, and it has a bunch of great headlines for events that haven't happened yet ... but it might be really great if they did! At the bottom are stories about how Bush is being prosecuted for war crimes, and about how the oil industry is funding climate change initiatives. Other headlines read, National Health Insurance Act Passes, All Public Universities To Be Free, New York Bike Path System Expanded Dramatically, and my personal favorite, American Evangelical Churches Announce New Policy of Sanctuary for Iraqi Refugees.

It also has fake ads inside, like one from DeBeers, that says "You know it ... we know it. Your purchase of a diamond between now and 2026 will help fund the creation, fitting, and maintenance of a prosthetic for an African whose hand was lost in one of that continent's brutal conflicts over diamonds." An ExxonMobil ad says "Peace. An idea the world can profit from."

I don't know what group did this but ... wow. It feels so real. Seeing this on a newspaper, even one from July 4 in the future is jarring. It may be better than getting the real thing from the day after the election. Wouldn't it be great if we could actually get some of this stuff done?

I'm going to go read some more fake stories now.

FAKE NY Times: "All the News We Hope to Print"

***Update*** The Huffington Post has a story about the folks behind this massive prank. Good stuff, if I ever meet one of these dudes I'll give them a high five ...

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Rae said...

Thanks for appreciating this sweet action and the fake paper--let's make it a reality in 2009!
With luv from a fellow peace and sea ranch admirer,
CODEPINK Women for Peace