30 December 2008

Can I ask a favor?

In this, my last post of 2008, I am going to ask for your help on something that I really think is important. I am reposting this from an Archinect thread that I started earlier and an email that I sent, so some of you are going to see this more than once. I realize it's been a bad year, but if we can look forward to innovative ideas like this in 2009, then I think next year will be much better.

So, can I ask you guys to vote for this?

The 2030 Stimulus Plan

It involves you going to Change.org, signing up (it's free, of course), and voting. It's pretty simple. Normally I wouldn't bother everyone but the goals of this plan could be a game changer....briefly, here's a description:

Essentially what happened is Architect Ed Mazria (a dude behind some important work on climate change initiatives in our profession) went to the Obama transition team and laid a simple idea on the table: what if we give mortgage rate reductions to homeowners if they agree to drastically improve the energy efficiency of their homes? In my opinion, the idea is pretty awesome - it ultimately lowers expenses for homeowners while providing jobs to thousands of people who work on the renovations. Check out the example they cite in the plan, I think you'll be as impressed as I am....

So, if you don't mind signing up for the Obama Change machine (which is cool in and of itself), please vote! And please pass this on so it will make it to the next round. (I should mention that if you are tempted to vote for any of the other "Global Warming" ideas on Change.org, that basically cancels out your vote for this idea....)

Thank you for your time, and I hope everyone has a great 2009!

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