22 December 2008

Why am I still talking about this?

I realize it's not a popular position to take - I'm a progressive who's not terribly bothered by the Rick Warren invocation thing - but this Huff Post blogger puts it in perspective pretty well. Also, I think it's strange to throw the President that everyone worked so hard for, and who I expect many great things from, under the bus before he even takes the oath of office. We have a LOT of huge problems in this country, and I just wish - for once - that we could put the culture wars on the shelf and work to get some of them done. Because at the end of the day, Rick Warren's beliefs are his beliefs, and everyone else has their own, and unfortunately, the ones starting this round of cultural battles are on my side of the aisle. The culture wars will not be won or lost over an invocation - but we might actually achieve peace in the land once we calm down and talk to each other. You can't argue with Melissa Etheridge, can you?

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