24 January 2009

Categories, Lists, and Labels

I had a dream last night that I went on a retreat to some weird fort-like house in the middle of nowhere, and I was tasked with taking on a number of small science experiments. Naturally I signed up for nearly all of them (like I do with everything), and they included such gems as trying to grow grass on the roof of the house I was at and going on as many rollercoasters as possible until I threw up. In the dream, I was all for this, apparently.

At some point during the dream I realized I actually had to go to class this week and then I tried to figure out how I could complete all of my science experiments, go to class, and finish my thesis at the same time. When I woke up I thought, "maybe my brain is mad at me for trying to do too much," and it's true, I always try to do too much. I've been trying to simplify my life lately....but I just get so excited about things. I can't help it. I love learning. Case in point, my latest post on my Archinect school blog about the lecture I saw this week and the ensuing conversation with the lecturer. So cool!

I usually have to distill things in my life into categories and lists, and label everything just to get it done. My Archinect school blog, although a source of excitement, will cease to exist after I graduate, and my LA/bike/LILAWAC blog will cease to exist very soon (in some ways it already has). But I'll still be here, and my web site will be up and running soon, and that has a blog too...and it has categories! The fun never ends :o)


liz said...

this is so hilarious b/c i am totally with you. the other day i saw some people i hadn't seen in a while and they were like "what are you up to? we still read your blog" and i was like "well i have 3 blogs now" and they were like "why" and i was like "well i have a food blog, a cincinnati blog, and a money blog." and they were like "what, your current blog readers couldn't handle a diversity of topics?" and i was like "no they could not." that may or may not be true but what is definitely true is that i could not handle a diversity of topics.

myriam said...

are you getting a car?!?!?!