13 January 2009


A while back I wrote a blog post about my favorite things, citing my love of photography and of taking pictures. The fact is that I have a lot of favorite things that I nerd out over on a regular basis, and they keep me sane and amused, which is helpful when I have to stare at code all day for my thesis work (stay tuned on that...).

Three of my favorite things are recycling, maps, and bags. A few days ago, I wrote about recycling. I don't know that I've brought up maps yet, but I had to share this map that I saw online the other day... it's a map of the United States with states renamed for countries with a similar Gross Domestic Product. Awesome! (For additional awesome-ness with regards to maps, check out the Strange Maps blog.)

I'm almost positive I have never talked about bags, because seriously, what would I say? It's hard to explain but I just like to be organized, which means I have a bag that can carry nearly everything I own. Anyway, the reason I'm bringing up bags now is because of a lovely gift I received over the holidays. It combines these three things - recycling, maps, and bags - in one item. And voila! You have the recycled subway map clutch bag from Ecoist:

My bag looks kind of, but not exactly, like this.

Anyone else have some favorite things that, when combined, equal awesome-ness? I'll give you an example: Will Smith + zombies + the apocalypse = Hollywood blockbuster, aka I Am Legend. Discuss.

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