12 February 2009

EnviroHint #3d: ...Make it Work!!!

It is with great satisfaction that I announce I have completed the bag project that I started several months ago and which I discussed in EnviroHints #3a, 3b, and 3c. Today I found myself with a couple hours of spare time, and in thinking about my trip to San Francisco this weekend, I tried to figure out what smallish bag I could take my computer up in. I have several bags and I have a padded sleeve I can use as well, but that sleeve opens on the long side.....if only I had a sleeve that opened on the short side. And I remembered my bag project! The truth is, it wasn't going to work in the reversible configuration I had planned for it, but when I broke it down and resewed a few key pieces, it worked perfectly as a short-side laptop sleeve. I put velcro on the top to secure it....it even has a pocket! Observe:

The only thing not quite figured out yet is the handle; as you can see in the photo, I took off the handle completely. I am wondering if I should try to sew it onto the sides, around it like a ribbon on a package, or not at all. If nothing else, it works well the way it is, without any handle at all.

The best part is that the work I had already done on the bottom of the bag makes it dense, which is perfect for padding the vulnerable short side of the computer if placed that way in another bag. All of this concern for the computer is, of course, a direct result of my misfortunes last Spring. But now I have a lovely laptop sleeve to protect it :o)

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Clair said...

I LOVE that bag. Beautiful!