02 February 2009

Q: What do the groundhog and my thesis have in common?

A: Both come out of hiding today! And both tell us something about climate (although I think I've done more research...)

Well friends, Happy Groundhog Day! I decided last year to create a "learning tool" for my Master's thesis in Building Science; my goal was to teach people about alternative ways to save energy in their home, based on their climate. I know I've mentioned it here before, and it's now ready for viewing. Please visit! Specifically I hope you'll try out the "green your home" tool, and take the survey - I promise it won't take long, and then you can go back to reading your Google Reader.


(The survey link can be found at the bottom of each page.)

Also, please pass it on! If the Web site is to be successful, I'll need lots of user feedback, so have at it!

Thanks for your support. I have to go email this to everyone I know now....

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