28 February 2009

Short Month, Long Walk

I complain about Los Angeles sometimes, but I must admit that it's nice to spend a day outside when most of the country is still in the throes of winter. Today, on this last day of February, K & G & I decided to take a hike, so to speak, or I should say a couple of hikes in the mountains on the West side of town. What began as a walk in known territory turned into a veritable "nature adventure" as we went from an easy jaunt in Will Rogers State Park to an extremely pleasant nature walk on an trail we'd never seen before, to meandering back to G's new Prius through the neighborhood of Pacific Palisades. By the end of our journey, we'd walked 8.3 miles without realizing it! But it was a beautiful day to spend burning some calories, despite the fact that we emerged at the end with legs turned to jelly and a pinch of sunburn. And, as a bonus, I got a great view of this wicked cool house on the way back to the car ... points if anyone can tell me who designed it:


nelsong said...

I think it was discussed awhile back on the 'nect. Still don't remeber who the designer was.

gretchen said...

(FYI, your Will Rogers one is incorrect.) :)