12 March 2009

Viewing the world through Shamrock-colored glasses

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Sooooo.... I GAVE MY FINAL THESIS PRESENTATION YESTERDAY! Yes, that's right, final of the whole year! I still have to finish the document, which is due on April 1, but that's in good shape and I basically just have to make some revisions and finish the formatting.

(Note: I didn't get a chance to take pictures, unfortunately, as we were in a dark cave and frankly I was preoccupied anyway. Since I know you like pictures so much, I will therefore intersperse my post with some photos from St. Patrick's Day from years past to get you excited for the BEST DAY OF THE YEAR next week!)

St. Patrick's Day Parade 2008 in Downtown LA = kilts!!!

The presentation went well. I am pleased with the amount of work that I did and glad that I got some results in time for my presentation, and the response to my project was almost entirely positive. And, although I've given this presentation in some form three times already, I was actually nervous. I got dry mouth! That hasn't happened since undergrad. I think it's because this was the final final and I was all dressed up, and everyone was there and this was it, you know? No more. But I pushed through, and later my friends said they couldn't even tell. Awesome!

Random Irish Bunny with Hat

Also the general consensus is that this is such a good idea that I need to continue with it, and now I just need to figure out how. Of course, this might be easy if I can't find a job (sidebar: I need a job. I am available to work after May 15. I can do a lot of stuff, really. Please email me!) but that's not necessarily the scenario I am hoping for.

Watching the Young Dubliners on Pershing Square through Shamrock colored glasses

In addition to getting my presentation over with, I also started a new seminar with Leo Marmol from Marmol Radziner Architects/Prefab. And, as you might guess, the seminar is about prefab. Also, it is awesome. I am passionate about the idea of prefab to begin with but to be taught by one of the industry leaders, who himself is passionate about the subject, is a serious bonus. And we get to do a small design project of our own by sketching on paper in class. No computers! I think Leo must think I'm a lunatic because as I explained to him in class, in Building Science we do a lot more studying of buildings than designing of them, so I have a lot of "pent up design" in me and the ideas are flowing for this already.

Green bagel

On that note, St. Patrick's Day is on Tuesday, March 17, and I'm excited. What's that you say? Tuesday's a bad day to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Just remember, it's always a good day for a Guinness :o)

Does the green dye in Chicago's river remind anyone else of Guinness flowing into the glass? No?


mad architect said...

St Paddys is my favourite holiday - but you have to experience in Montserrat dubbers!

liz said...

yay, congratulations on your thesis! drink up next week!