12 April 2009

Late to the game.

Ok, so this is going to come off as a bit weird but I really never hold back too much on this blog so I might as well mention it.

One of the reasons why I've been slow to blog lately is because I've been listening to Harry Potter books on CD (ripped to MP3s). Books 6 and 7 to be exact, and for the second time. I realize I'm a bit late to the Harry Potter game, but once I got into it - by listening to Book 6 on my long drive to California two years ago - I was absolutely hooked. Bewitched, even (magic joke, sorry). I can't get enough Harry Potter! I think it has something to do with the imagination of it all. I'm completely in awe of the all-encompassing artistic vision of J.K. Rowling. The story of how Harry Potter came to her is almost as enchanting as the story of Harry itself, and it reminds me a lot of this wonderful TED Talk by Elizabeth Gilbert on the nature of creative genius. (Just watch it, it's awesome.)

In any case, I find myself consumed with Harry, Hogwart's, Dumbledore, etc. I love listening to the books because I can do that on the bus without getting motion sick. I always watch movies 1 through 5 if they appear somewhere on TV on the weekends, and I think I've seen the second half of the Order of the Phoenix on HBO like 6 times. And the other night, I actually dreamt I was an actor in one of the movies! OK, so maybe I'm a little bit obsessed but there's something just sweet and comforting about the whole series. It reminds me of how much I used to read when I was young, and how much I loved mysteries, and it's gotten me excited about reading again - and that can't be bad, can it?

Is it weird that I've been planning on seeing the 6th movie since they announced it last year? Yes? Oh well....


Clair said...

Lord of the Rings is better!

and yes, feel free to use that video of Condition 1 if you want. much love!

Laura O said...

You should to listen to all the books whenever you get a chance. He's such a great narrator isn't he?