07 April 2009

My average trip to the grocery store.

I just mentioned this in an online forum, and I realized that I had probably never talked about it on here before, so let me just tell you a little bit about my average trip to the grocery store: it's kind of hilarious. I mean, I think if I ever saw myself roll up to Ralph's on my bike, I would laugh at me, anyway. Here's what happens:
  • First of all, I roll up on my bike (remember I don't have a car), and lock it to the bike rack.
  • Then I go into Ralph's, with my right pant leg rolled up (biker style) and all of my reusable bags (no plastic!) in my X-Large Timbuk2 bag on my back. Let's be honest, I'm usually sweaty too. At least that scares away the crazy people.
  • I usually try to limit my haul to a little carry basket, but, failing that, I get a shopping cart (especially if I'm hungry, I'm doomed...)
  • When I'm done, I then go through the Self-scan lanes, because frankly it's easier to bag your own groceries if you know how they are going to be carried.
  • Then I put what I can in my wee bike basket, on my back (that Timbuk2 bag could hold a couple of toddlers), and on my shoulders and bike handles.
...and Voila! Carbon-free grocery shopping. I've been known to bike home hauling over $100 worth of groceries like that! Which I guess from the Ralph's that I go to isn't a huge amount, but it's substantial nonetheless.

I know I know...I'm a nerd.

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