17 May 2009

Graduation Day

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My classmates and I graduated on Friday, in a grand morning ceremony with the Governator speaking, and then again at a "satellite" ceremony just for the School of Architecture. Literally I cannot believe how quickly the time has flown since I got here less than two years ago. Especially since last August....I feel like I blinked and it was May, and there I was in my funny gown and hood and hat. It's a strange and slightly scary feeling to be freed from academia again.

But enough about that, here are some photos.

Here is our flag, just before we're about to process into our seats for the main "all-school" ceremony.

The processional of school flags.

My view of the podium.

Arnold "The Governator" Schwarzenegger giving us a very funny commencement speech. Yes, he did say "I'll be back" at least 3 times.

A sea of graduates behind me. There were about 4500 students who graduated from USC on Friday!!!

My fellow Master of Building Science graduates, minus one, just before our ceremony.

Some of my M.Arch. friends.

More of my M.Arch. friends, + moi.

Dean Ma giving his speech at our School of Architecture ceremony. Just after this I gave my speech. Later, a total stranger told me that my speech was "the only one he could relate to", which I thought was nice!


....So that's pretty much it. I received two awards at the ceremony: the Alpha Rho Chi Medal for Leadership and the Master of Building Science Outstanding Thesis Award for the GreenDesignCollective and my thesis work related to it. Those were unexpected! But I am quite grateful for both.

Later when I have some time to calm down, I'll try to figure out what my future plans are so I can actually tell you about them. :o)

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Clair said...

Wanna be a wastie in Antarctica? I'll put in a good word for you. :-)