24 June 2009

Radio silence

It's hard for me to come up with something to blog about here, when I spend every day selling or giving away my stuff, packing, or generally just worrying about where I'm going to land a week from now. Things are getting crazy and I'm trying to stay both focused and calm. It's not easy not knowing if you'll have an address in the near future.

I did want to say a little something about some current events though:
  1. Iran makes me so, so sad. My heart goes out to the Iranian people, many of whom seem like good, nice people and don't deserve to be beaten like dogs in the streets of their own country. I know there's nothing that we can do, but it breaks my heart to see the Basiji and the police forces going after innocents who can't defend themselves. It humbles me to think of those that gave their lives while doing nothing but protesting peacefully, including the lovely young woman they call Neda. Why doesn't the Iranian army pick on someone their own size?!? Iran deserves to have their election choices respected. Interestingly, this makes me that much more in awe of our own election system, and the peaceful transfer of power that takes place when we select a new leader.
  2. What the hell is up with philandering politicians, anyway?!? This Mark Sanford thing takes the cake. The guy disappears from his duties as GOVERNOR of South Carolina for almost a week, comes back and says he went off to Argentina to be with his lover?!? And he has a wife and 4 SONS at home?! Talk about surreal. As a female, I cannot fathom why it is so hard for politicians to not cheat on their wives, let alone the mother of their children. And when they are in positions like that? To top it off, if Sanford was some crazy hippie who had an open relationship with his wife to begin with, I guess it wouldn't be that big of a deal, but as a Southern Republican, he certainly knew what he was getting into when he got married and ran for Governor of South Carolina. What a douchenozzle.
  3. Anyone who still thinks that we don't need a public option in the debate over health care should read this article. Then, when you're done, if you still want to hand over your hard earned money unnecessarily to line the pockets of CEOs of HMOs, be my guest. I'm not interested, though.
Enough said. Back to selling furniture on Craigslist. I'll be posting a life update very soon, so stay tuned...

18 June 2009

What I'll miss about LA

Happiness is a plate full of delicious homemade desserts from the
awesome diner right next to your apartment building.

I'll definitely miss the Nickel Diner!

10 June 2009

Making lemons out of lemonade

If anyone is keeping track, I recently graduated from USC, and, having reached the end of my term as a "student worker", I am unemployed and looking for a job. I have been applying for jobs since February, and I've had a few interviews, but no luck so far. Yesterday I heard from the HR person at the last place I interviewed, in Denver, and while they were really impressed with me, they decided to "redefine" the position to be geared towards someone with a Physics background, which essentially eliminated me from the running. I like Physics! But my degrees have to do with buildings. Alas, I won't be moving to Denver just yet. :o/ They were so pleased with me, however, that they asked for my resume to pass it on to other firms they know of that had openings. Which is nice.

In the meantime, I am keeping busy. I'm cleaning out my apartment, giving away and selling things that I don't need anymore, and generally purging. I'm still applying for jobs, and I've gotten all my loans deferred due to unemployment. I also have some Architectural Registration Exam study materials on the way, so I can start studying for my exams in my downtime.

I've also been keeping an eye on the market in the building industry in general, and it's really terrible out there. I've got several friends who have just been laid off, so I know I'm lucky that I even got interviews. In the vast amount of free time that I now have, I've started an initiative on my Web site where I'm offering free Web hosting to my unemployed friends for their online portfolios.

And, because my summer is really open right now, I am flirting with the idea of getting a used RV and driving around the country. I've always really liked this idea, as it would allow me to see the whole country and get to the 8 states I haven't seen yet. Plus I wouldn't have to worry about being homeless in a month, since, well, I'd have the RV. Anyway, please use the comments section below to tell me why this is a bad idea. Otherwise I'm going to keep thinking about it...

02 June 2009

Postscript to the Lament: Scary numbers

I don't like to be a fear monger, but as if to put a giant exclamation point on my last post and its musings on the problems California is facing, please check out this recent post on Daily Kos. It has a massive amount of data regarding the housing bubble and why, quite possibly, this recession has only just begun.

...And it's really scary and has lots of charts and graphs.

And, mostly, I don't know what it all means. I am very glad to not be a homeowner, however.

Stupid housing bubble.