20 July 2009

Enjoying wildlife

Since arriving in Portland, besides noticing how great they are with environmental issues, it's also come to my attention how good people in the Pacific Northwest are at enjoying wildlife. Not only are there parks everywhere, but going outside of the boundaries of the city and experiencing nature is something that people in this part of the country take a lot of pride in. Here are some photos from my recent trips to Portland's Washington Park and accompanying rose garden, and a camping trip to the foothills of Mt. Hood.

Looking up at the peak of Mt. Hood after riding a chair lift to the 7000' level.

An outside view of Timberline Lodge was apparently used in the movie The Shining.

Ramona Falls was the highlight of a 7-mile hike I took while camping!

Mt. Hood is a "dormant" volcano. Emphasis on the quotes.

I need to get back to sending my resume to anyone who will take it, but just a quick note that I've officially signed off from my Archinect School Blog and all future blog posts from me will either happen here or at the GDC. It's nice to simply my life a bit!

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eventer79 said...

I have a weakness for waterfalls....beautiful!