14 July 2009

Portland is a warm fuzzy blanket

Hello! Sincere apologies for not posting more often... frankly, my life hasn't been too exciting since I left Los Angeles last week, but it has been calmer and much better for my overall mental well-being. Well, except for the part where I got a letter from someone at a mental institution. No, really. See below.

So after reading about me in the LA Times, our friend General Fifth Sun (his words, not mine) looked up my Web site, found a reference to my previous employer, and then sent me a letter there. Oh, and the return address was a mental institution! For the record, no, I am not "one of those CIA student recruits", and I couldn't tell you if I was. I guess it's nice to know I've struck a chord with someone?! Eh.

Anyway, I'm now here in Portland and it's positively lovely. Blue skies, 75 degrees, green trees and hordes of people on bikes everywhere I go. I feel very much at home, which I imagine is a desirable trait for someplace I might want to call home eventually. I think part of it has something to do with the river... a river bisects the city from North to South, dividing it into two distinct areas, with a major East-West corridor (Burnside) further creating quadrants. Add to that the simplicity of numbered avenues and streets that run in alphabetical order in one direction (I'm not kidding: Couch, Davis, Everett, Flanders, Glisan, etc.), and I guess you have map heaven. And we all know that I am a big fan of maps.

Anyway, I know I glazed over my stop in Palo Alto, but my friend Kendra and I had so much fun while I was there that I really didn't have time to write. I have longer in Portland - hopefully a lot longer! - so look for more posts from me, provided I have something to say. In the meantime, all hail Dorothy, my new/old set of wheels, which got me safely past the roughly 1000-mile overall trip from LA to Portland, despite an apparent dislike for inclines. As I have lost my need for speed, this wasn't a big issue :o)

Thanks Dorothy!

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