27 July 2009

Recent escapades in Oregon State

People in Oregon REALLY know how to enjoy their weekends! Although I am unemployed and not exactly swimming in extra cash flow at the moment, I have been able to join my friend Anna in some excursions that you need to see to believe.

1. I went to Tillamook, Oregon on Saturday to visit the cheese factory and then go to the beach. This beach visit looked more like a prelude to a horror film as the shoreline was socked in with a very dense fog. Fortunately all creatures at Cannon Beach - dog and human - meant no harm, and we simply wandered around in the mist for a while before retreating for lunch. Look at this though... creepy, right?

2. After leaving the beach we ventured North to Astoria, Oregon where we saw some cool stuff and I got to take my gratuitous architecture picture, of the Columbia River Maritime Museum. Lots of Pirates and such. Good times.

3. Astoria is also home to the "Goonies house", aka the house that was featured in the 1985 classic film "The Goonies". Apparently this was not the first time someone has sought out this house since we were greeted with the following sign.

Here it is! I heard it used to be in much worse shape, so I'm glad to see it it's doing better now.

Also, I loved this house, which was just up the street from the Goonies house. This is a good instance where having a zoom function on my iPhone camera might be nice. House = nice... extra stuff around it = not so much.

Anyway, I'm still doing well here in Portland, although I am headed up to Seattle this week to visit my friend Abby and hang out there for a few days. I will most likely be back in Portland next week to housesit and then... well, let's just say I'll keep you posted! I'm formulating a plan but I don't want to talk about it until I can hash out the details.

Hope everyone else is doing well!


namhenderson said...

A cheese factory and misty ocean shore front. I am sold.
Sounds like you having fun.

Clair said...


liz said...

awesome! it looks like you are having some awesome adventures. i hope your future plans include cincinnati!