21 July 2009

Top Ten Things That Aren't So Bad About "FUnemployment"

10a. With unlimited free time, I can blog as much as I want, and that's OK.
10b. With limited amounts of interesting things to talk about, I can blog as little as I want, and that's OK too.

9. Catching up with my Google Reader, celebrity gossip, and nearly everyone I know on Facebook.

8. .....whoops, sorry, I forgot number 8, I got distracted by the Huffington Post, and there's no one to yell at me for it! Woo hoo!

7. Hopelessness is somehow easier to bear when you know there are so many others out there dealing with it as well.

6. I can actually read books again. Ok, well, I still prefer Audiobooks. So, I can actually listen to books again!

5. I'm almost caught up on movies that I wanted to see, and working steadily through the rest.

4. I've always loved listening to NPR - specifically All Things Considered - in the car. Without a job I can sit in the car all day and listen to NPR, if I want.

3. Going to the park or a cafe, hiking or to the beach on a weekday are not only allowed, they are encouraged. And people who are "stuck" at work actually want to join you!

2. The sky is the limit! Well actually the map is the limit... what I'm trying to say is that being job-free" means, in theory, not being tied to a particular place.

1. Being unemployed means you get to start cool projects like the GDC Portfolio Project or start a club with a cool name, like the FUnemployed Architects of America (FUAA for short... OK maybe not).

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