26 August 2009

Cheese and fish

I think it's a testament to how much I love cheese that, despite being in Oregon for less than two months, I've been to the Tillamook Cheese Factory twice already. What can I say! It's a wonderful place. And cheese is awesome! So is this picture.

After Tillamook, Abby, Anna and I drove south to the Oregon Aquarium, which is located in an oceanside town called Newport. If you are from Cincinnati and you're reading this, you'll appreciate the irony of the "other" Newport Aquarium. One of the craziest things I saw there was this tank full of anchovy... no big deal, they show up in Caesar salads all the time, right? Well, I have never eaten them and probably never will, because they are fabulously beautiful little creatures. When they swim they open their mouths to eat, revealing multiple thin red gills that contrast wildly against their otherwise silver bodies. I know it's hard to see in this picture, but well done, anchovy!

Funniest exchange of the day at the aquarium:

Me: Did you pet the starfish?!? They were pretty cool.
Anna: No! Did you pet the little sharks?!?
Me: No! Did you pet the sea anemone?!? They grabbed my finger!
Anna: No! Did you pet the stingray?!?
Me: No! Because of Steve Irwin, you know.
(man in background overhears this, starts laughing hysterically...)

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eventer79 said...

*laughing, then sad thinking about my hero, Steve. But still laughing at the exchange*