08 September 2009

Scenes from dusk

I haven't really been that interesting lately. Except for the part where I went down to Southern California - just a few days after the massive Station Fire started eating up the San Gabriel Mountains - to retrieve the majority of my belongings and move them up to Portland. I was trying to come up with a reason to blog, and I found it in a couple of pictures taken from my iPhone.

Observe: this first photo is taken on August 30, as the Station Fire raged just north of Pasadena. It looks like a volcano erupting, no?

...And now take a look at this photo, which was taken from my new bedroom. It's hard to tell (because the iPhone isn't exactly a top-rate camera) but the sun is framed by plants and trees. It's quite a lovely view.

So, yeah. I've definitely experienced a recent change in scenery. Not too bad!


namhenderson said...

Northwest looks better i'd say.

eventer79 said...

Much better! OMG, wait is that a yeti peering in your window?