15 November 2009

Learning to appreciate the darkness

Most of the past several weeks have been a combination of one of the following things for me:
  1. Trying to stay warm. No, it's not THAT cold here in Portland, but it's colder than what I've experienced over the past two years so I'm trying to readjust.
  2. Trying to stay dry. It doesn't actually rain CONSTANTLY here but when it does rain - which is often - it seems to stay wetter, longer afterwards.
  3. Trying to watch football. I now have three teams to root for: the Cincinnati Bengals, for whom being a fan has been very frustrating over the years but who are competing effectively this season; the USC Trojans, who are normally very good but who've had a few awful losses this season; and the University of Cincinnati Bearcats, who, for all intents and purposes, have never really HAD a football team until the past couple of years. Watching football has helped me adjust to the changing weather and my change in circumstances.
  4. Trying to get used to the darkness. Portland doesn't seem to have the same type of light pollution as some other cities that I've lived in, and especially since I'm staying in a place that is in the hills and surrounded by trees, it's really DARK.
That last one is especially challenging for me. Rain and cold, I can handle. Trying to watch football, well that's fun, even if I'm not always successful in finding my games on TV. But the darkness... well, it's not that I'm afraid of the dark, but I definitely prefer daylight, and I've always been drawn to the city partially because of city lights. Sometimes it's so dark here, especially when I get off the bus, that I can't see two feet in front of me. But then there's times when I'm riding around on my bike at night, and I'm lucky if it's not raining, but the Fall air is crisp and I make sure that I've got all my bike lights going, and the city is so beautiful. So as the title of this post suggests, I'm definitely learning to appreciate the darkness - or trying, anyway. I'm certainly looking forward to getting the next month over with so that, come December 21, I can start appreciating the increase in daylight that the Winter solstice brings. Because I don't have to learn to appreciate daylight... I already do.


eventer79 said...

Only in darkness do you learn to appreciate the spectacle of the stars. Tune in tomorrow night about 11 pm, look up and you'll find the Leonid meteor shower which is just totally kickass.

namhenderson said...

While i love the better star viewing of true rural dark, it can bee a bit draining.
I wonder if it might also have to do with Portland being the furthest north you have ever lived. Or just very far north vs So Cal.

I know every time i visit family in the NE i am reminded of what it is like having it go dark at 4-5..