12 January 2010

We're Number 1, alright

Sorry, again, for not regaling you with stories of my misadventures here in the Pacific Northwest. Often I think of something I want to write about and it ends up over there at my OTHER, more public blog. More stories to come soon, especially after I go skiing, which should be hilarious.

In the meantime, have a look at these links, which talk about how lonely it is to be an architect right now ... especially in Los Angeles.
  1. Exhibit A: The 9 professions that saw most job losses in 2009 ... and Architects are at the top of that list. Well, frankly we had to expect this one. If you're in the architecture industry and you DON'T know someone who was laid off in 2009, consider yourself an endangered species. I know so many people that are unemployed I started hosting their portfolios on my Web site. Or at least offering to. Also it's probably worth mentioning that while I *am* employed, I am not working at an architecture firm. And that's fine with me.
  2. Exhibit B: Los Angeles is the number one city in the country for job losses. ... Whoa. Now that's a distinction that nobody wants. And according to that article from LA's local NBC affiliate, 62% of locals are "sad" about that news. Well yeah, I guess so ...
In other words, if you're an architect, good luck, and maybe consider other options for living besides LA.

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