16 February 2010

The Situation

So, I need to talk about television for just a moment.

I don't watch much TV. Obviously I watch NCIS, and the Daily Show, and I also watch Project Runway (which, thankfully, is better this season than last). But I was recently informed that I was missing out on an important cultural phenomenon, and that is Jersey Shore.

It's not worth talking about really. It's 100% ridiculous. But there are some quotes from the show I need to share:
  • "The Situation said we had a situation here"
  • "I will cut your hair in your sleep"
  • "Look, I got HAM!!!"
  • (bleep) (bleep) bleepity (bleep)
  • And my personal favorite: "I don't want to work at a T-SHIRT SHOP. I'm a bartender, I do GREAT THINGS"
It's really funny. And YES, I am watching this on the internet instead of watching the Olympics on real TV. Oh come on, like you don't think Men's Figure Skating is played out, too?

PS. I just figured out that you can guido-yourself up on MTV.com here. Go, go now...

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