23 March 2010

Happy post-St. Patrick's Day 2010

I like how I said I was going to try to be more interesting this month, and then I realized it was time for St. Patrick's Day again, and my best intentions went out the window. Anyway.

It was a lovely holiday this year, not the BEST weather but not totally disgusting outside either. It didn't matter much once I got inside the tent at Kells Portland though... the tent was HUGE! And it had a stage where the bagpipers ended up. Well you should probably just look at the photos:

This was the first bagpipe group to play. They paraded onto the floor, played there for a while, and then moved up to the stage, as you might be able to see in my next photo.

This was the second bagpiper band. Wow, these guys were AWESOME. Especially that guy on the end that looks like Patrick Stewart going on a safari. He was the MC. They were great.

I almost forgot to insert this picture. Probably because I was drinking that wine at the time I was writing this post.

OK, until the next time I have something of little value to say, ta.


Lyprinol said...

Nice beard and skirt :p
Remind me Harry Port...

Copyright Lawyer Melbourne said...

LoL that wine cover...so interesting
I wanna get one
Does he so despired to drink?

Tebonin said...

Love this really cute... stuff
I wanna get it as well.