06 March 2010

Television. Sigh.

People have been asking me a lot lately if I watch such-and-such a show. The answer is almost universally "no." I'll give you an example:

Friend A: "Do you watch LOST?"

Me: "No."

Friend A: "How could you not watch LOST!?! It's the best show EVER!!!"

Me: "Listen, I didn't say it wasn't a good show or that I've NEVER watched it. I just don't watch it now. I don't have time for it."

And so on. Lack of time to live my life is the primary reason that I don't follow most shows, actually, because although LOST may be a perfectly good show, I know people who do watch it, and get worked up over it, and how much time is, ahem, lost in that whole situation? I used to be an X-Files fan, I know how it goes. So, yes, I know The Simpsons is a great show, but I've only seen about 10 episodes out of its 20-year run; I know Family Guy is hilarious but also makes me cringe sometimes, so I rarely bother; and likewise I like the premise and the gist of The Office but I can't watch people embarrass themselves, no matter how funny it may be.

Which is not to say that I don't enjoy television at all. I watch one nerdy show (NCIS), one hilarious and brilliant show (The Daily Show), and one fabulous show (Project Runway). I will occasionally watch some sporting events and god help me if I start watching the Discovery Channel because I'm unlikely to stop watching it willingly. I like to think that most of what I watch is kind of "smart."

... Until I admit that I will probably watch the next season of Dancing With the Stars. I'll even admit that I think I watched the first full season of this show until, again, my life got in the way and I forgot to care. But it's dancing. And you get to dress up. And on the next season of DWTS, I will be watching specifically for these two dudes:

Me and @EvanLysacek on Twitpic
via @OGOchoCinco's Twitter page

In other words, I want to see how my favorite football player and a gold-medal Olympian do. I will call it "The Tale of Ochocinco and the Flying Hipster Guido". Chad Ochocinco (formerly Johnson), love him or hate him, just likes to have a good time, and I'm interested to see if his wide variety of end-zone moves show up on the dance floor. Even Lysacek ... well he's kind of a curious one, isn't he? I think he confuses me because he might be straight! AND he looks like a combination of a hipster and a guido, which makes my head hurt and it makes me giggle.

So, in conclusion: no judging. Let's all just watch our respective shows and then get on with our lives, shall we? :o)

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Jack said...

im totally lost at the show LOST