18 April 2010

Oh look, I have a blog

I'm feeling a little sheepish because of the following:
  1. I apparently made some promises (re: blogging MORE and generally being more interesting) that I couldn't keep.
  2. In my previous post, I broke Internet Rule #1 which is, don't post pictures of yourself all over the Internet. (I will be fixing that)
Regarding #1 above, I had a good reason for not writing: it's because I was busy trying to finish this darned knitted beret that conquered my free time over the past month and a half. Pretty much every spare 15 minutes I had on the bus or sitting in front of the TV were spent working on this. Have a look:

Since it's a beret, it required me bumping up, or "increasing" the number of stitches from the amount that I started with. On the underside here, you can see the alternating knits and purls that create the stretchy opening band.

This is a view of the top of the hat. You can see the "decreasing" ribs that take the hat down from the bulky 156 stitches that form the majority of the middle section to just a few at the very top.
(Sorry for the terrible photo quality. I'm away from my good camera at the moment and the lighting was terrible.)

This is probably the best picture of the hat and how I intend to wear it, plus it shows the color more accurately, which is much more pinky-violet with hints of other colors, than the salmon it appears in the above photos. (Also this photos does not violate Internet Rule #1 - it's discreet).

So, anyway, this is exciting. I can't say with any certainty that my posts will increase back up to their previous, "glamorous" levels of perhaps 10 per month, but you can be sure that the number of hats I knit is going up...


mad architect said...

so is everyone getting a beret for their birthday this year (hint hint)

Clair said...

Nice hat!

Mackay Lawyers said...

Really nice. Wanna see that hat with whole outfit as well.

Tebonin said...

Cute hat...did you make it by yourself?