30 June 2010

Lack of brunch is making me cranky

It has been way too long since I had brunch, or blogged, or blogged about brunch for that matter. In fact, tomorrow is July and I can barely remember what I've been doing since April. I know that I went to Vancouver, BC; I moved into a new apartment; I went to my company's spring party; and I saw the Reds play in Seattle. Still, I promised more blogs about brunch so I'm going to start there and work my way back through recent history at a later date.

Little Red Bike Cafe

Two things make this a bittersweet post:
  1. The person with whom I attended the Little Red Bike Cafe was the Creeper I mentioned in a previous post.
  2. Little Red Bike Cafe is no longer open. In a sad turn of events, they were forced to close due to disputes with their landlord. No word on when they might be back but check the blog and go if you can because...
...from what I can remember, when I wasn't being creeped out, LRBC made me a delicious brunch. Observe:

(I don't remember the name of this but yummm)

Quality of food: 4.0
Quality of coffee: 4.0
Service: 2.5
Atmosphere: 4.5
Overall value: 3.75

LRBC, while it was open, was a lovely little institution in North Portland. I would have described it as scrappy but earnest, which is reflected in the lower service score (since it was an order-at-the-counter-and-serve-yourself kind of place) but higher atmosphere score (since it was jostling with customers from all walks of life). It's a little hard for me to remember since I was trying to focus on eating my food whilst being stared at, but I do remember the potato pancake/hash sort of thing, shown in the above photo under the salmon, as being particularly delicious.

And frankly that's about it. Sorry this isn't more descriptive but I don't want to get your hopes up about a place that isn't open anymore. I promise my next post will be about a brunch place that is still open, and which will serve you a ridiculous amount of food.


Perth Lawyers said...

Lovely words..also the food..gee..really interested in your blog

namhenderson said...

What did you think of vancouver? I have Canandian citizenship, you know, so have considered moving there.

I know some natives who love it, but it is Canada...I meant to visit for the Winter Olympics.