31 August 2010

Houseguests galore

I keep complaining that September has come so quickly, but the truth of the matter is, if I lived my life like I lived this August, the years would simply FLY by.

I promised you much better news than the stories that I told in my last blog post, and I am here to deliver on that promise. A week after my first houseguest, Patricia, left, and I took my first ARE, I bought a new bike, courtesy of my Mother, for my birthday present. Have a look... this is Daisy, so named because she is flowery but also because she is the hotness, like Daisy Dukes. Also, Daisy will not be going anywhere without at least two locks at all times.


Later that same week, another houseguest arrived, and then the real fun started. Katie came into town to attend the Lady Gaga concert in Portland with me but we decided to have my housewarming party on the same weekend. I did not take too many pictures of the group of 10 girls that went to the Lady Gaga concert, but if I did I certainly wouldn't put them online. Instead I will simply post this one image from the concert and you will have to trust me when I say that Gaga is down there somewhere.


My housewarming party was a small, lively affair that involved homemade donuts, jello shots, and grilling at 11 pm. Good times. Katie and I rounded out the weekend with a pub crawl, hosted by my friends at PDX Pub Crawl. Again, you'll just have to believe me when I say it was fun, because I have no photos that will be going on the Internets from this one.

Originally that was going to be pretty much all I had to tell you, but August had to go out with a bang, just like it came in. I have one last houseguest to tell you about...

The entire month, a little adorable cat has started living underneath of the deck outside my front door. He cries and shows up when I come home at night and when I leave in the morning, and I'd pet him, and that would be the end of it. Until today, when it started raining, and I decided I couldn't take this situation anymore. So I took him to the vet, and as it turns out, he is NOT chipped, so he does not belong to anyone, but he IS neutered; he is also young and healthy. What I'm trying to say is that now I have a houseguest, who has four legs, and is adorable, until I can get him in at the Humane Society. I have no intentions of keeping him, however, I do have to name him... I can't have a houseguest without a name!


If you have any thoughts on names for this adorable boy, please let me know. It seems that The Universe has given him to me for now, but we'll see if this is where he is meant to stay...

23 August 2010

Oh, August

Oh look, another blog post! I will now explain why you are so lucky as to get two blog posts in one month:

As soon as August started, I should have known that it was going to be one big punch in the face. When August 1st rolled around, I was already on Day 3 of what turned out to be a 4-day migraine. The doctor thought I might be having a "rebound" migraine... I really didn't care what it was, I just wanted it to go away. Fortunately I was able to function with the help of migraine medicine, but still... it was annoying.

Then I went on a business trip, and then I came back and promptly managed to get my bike stolen. It was this one, the one I had named Daphne:

Well, Daphne my bike seems to have been as troubled as Daphne the Greek Goddess... first her bike computer got stolen, then her back light got stolen, and finally some punk-jerk swiped her whole frame except for the front wheel. With the frame went those nice fenders, back rack, a cute LED blinking light, and my lightning-shaped reflectors. It pretty much sucked.

Three days after my bike got stolen, I got a borrowed bike, and with my friend Patricia, used my old bike Darcy to ride 26 miles of the Providence Bridge Pedal. Aside from a slightly annoying change in route, it was super awesome, and the best part is still riding your bike on the highway bridges. Here's a view on the iconic St. John's Bridge:

We went to brunch and then Bite of Oregon after the Bridge Pedal to see Brian Boitano cook. He apparently has a TV show called "What Would Brian Boitano Cook?" which I think is just hilarious:

Later that same day, after the Bridge Pedal, while just WALKING, I proceeded to sprain my ankle. Again, not helpful.

There have been other challenges for sure, like getting my washer/dryer unit fixed but not really, as well as giving up an entire weekend to study for my first ARE and then taking it. But since then, things have been looking up. I don't want to give away all the goods so I will save the good parts of the month for another blog post. Three blog posts in one month! Amazing!

11 August 2010

Why yes, I did change the blog's layout.

I am going to skip the part where I apologize to you for not blogging in nearly 6 weeks. I have had a very tiring summer but promise to do better and I am going to start by announcing the following:

YES, I have changed the format of my blog. I think it was due for an overhaul, don't you? I like it. Change is good.

Now I will tell you about some fun that I had attending the Portland Highland Games a few weekends ago. Lots of cities have Highland Games but I had never been before, and I found out about Portland's just in time to attend. The day started off with some true overcast Portland/Scottish skies, but then the clouds disappeared and I got sunburnt. Yes, sunburnt. At the Highland Games in Portland! Good times.

The sky was still cloudy for the beginning of the Kilted Mile Race. I think this should be an Olympic sport.

This is the Simon Fraser University Pipe and Drum band, from Vancouver, BC. Also known as the World Champions!!!

This is my souvenir from the day. Celtic Mist air freshener for my car. Enough said.