11 August 2010

Why yes, I did change the blog's layout.

I am going to skip the part where I apologize to you for not blogging in nearly 6 weeks. I have had a very tiring summer but promise to do better and I am going to start by announcing the following:

YES, I have changed the format of my blog. I think it was due for an overhaul, don't you? I like it. Change is good.

Now I will tell you about some fun that I had attending the Portland Highland Games a few weekends ago. Lots of cities have Highland Games but I had never been before, and I found out about Portland's just in time to attend. The day started off with some true overcast Portland/Scottish skies, but then the clouds disappeared and I got sunburnt. Yes, sunburnt. At the Highland Games in Portland! Good times.

The sky was still cloudy for the beginning of the Kilted Mile Race. I think this should be an Olympic sport.

This is the Simon Fraser University Pipe and Drum band, from Vancouver, BC. Also known as the World Champions!!!

This is my souvenir from the day. Celtic Mist air freshener for my car. Enough said.

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bruteforcecollaborative said...

these kilted clans look much fitter than the legions of morbidly obese that plagued the seattle highland games (in enumclaw, over an hour away...)

even my 8 month pregnant wife looked skinny!